Gloves Off, Sneakers On!

Article By Ushan Samson So we recently wrapped up the answer to McGregor v. Mayweather, and in my opinion the even more important Phelps v. Great white Shark (yes that happened), we now turn our eyes to Adidas v. Nike. Oh yeah, it’s all about fighting talking, gloves off, sneakers on. In the Red corner, … Continue reading Gloves Off, Sneakers On!

Flytuition Apparel Has Landed

Amazing Things Can Happen When You Disrupt What's ordinary or the "Norm" We are happy to announce the "Koi-San" (Kaff_Official_Insta Logo) Disruptor Shirt and hooded sweatshirt. The design is inspired by sneaker culture, a passion for comfortable laid back garments, with a hint of Euro-Japanese metro nomadic  lifestyle. Available in simple tones and natural colours … Continue reading Flytuition Apparel Has Landed