Back To Asics

Article by Ushan Samson Asics recently released a pair of sneakers that look as rugged as the terrain they’re meant to be used on.   The sneakers are built with off-road running in mind and boast good grip, even in wet conditions, which if you live in the UK is invaluable !   They come … Continue reading Back To Asics

Here’s What Happened at The Nike X Off-White Off Campus London Event

Nike held an event in celebration Off the Virgil Abloh Off-White collaboration named "The 10". To learn more about the entire pack check our previous post by clicking here - "The 10 release information". The event displayed all ten silhouettes in the collection and the general aura and aesthetic continued with the stripped, deconstructed and remixed … Continue reading Here’s What Happened at The Nike X Off-White Off Campus London Event

Hold My Beer

Article by Ushan Samson If like me you’re trying to remember what exactly happened on Friday and are currently wondering why you have random people sending you messages on Snapchat, welcome to the sober Monday, you ready ? While you’re currently deciding if you’re going to go out next weekend, Adidas has got your back. … Continue reading Hold My Beer

All The Leaves Are…Pink!

Article by Ushan Samson It’s Autumn so we all know what that means. Big cosy coats, hands around big mugs of hot chocolate, the sound of leaves crunching under pink Timberlands. Yup, that’s right. Pink Timbs, and my, oh my do they look dope. Pastel colours are perfect in Autumn and honestly there’s nothing better … Continue reading All The Leaves Are…Pink!

Gloves Off, Sneakers On!

Article By Ushan Samson So we recently wrapped up the answer to McGregor v. Mayweather, and in my opinion the even more important Phelps v. Great white Shark (yes that happened), we now turn our eyes to Adidas v. Nike. Oh yeah, it’s all about fighting talking, gloves off, sneakers on. In the Red corner, … Continue reading Gloves Off, Sneakers On!