Article by Ushan Samson

Yo remember way back when we talked about ugly sneakers being the sneakers to have…well now it’s all about fat sneakers. That’s right, this is in fashion



Balenciaga Triple S via Farfetched
That’s a Balenciaga sneaker. Damn right! My thoughts are that these kind of sneakers are accessible because of the range of prices they come in.
If you want to stay ahead of the curve and stay phat (see what I did there) you can get some chunky sneakers from H&M for a steal at £39.99


Available now from Zara although my personal favourite is the white version of the above because you can rock them in the summer and will work in the autumn and winter as well


Zara is doing their version of chunky as well, which looks pretty close to what Nike have on offer. Coming in at £49.99 they are very fairly priced and will add nicely to your sneaker roaster.


Available at Zara for your purchase now.
What do you think? Do they look phat or just fat? Are you getting out any of your own vintage sneakers which you used to love but feel they’re coming back into fashion? Post the picture and get our expert opinion and by expert I mean my opinion which is better than excellent!