Article by Ushan Samson

When I first saw these sneakers my jaw hit the floor. For me personally the point of sneakers is not just comfort, but also cool. But cool in what I think is cool and damn these are ice cold.

I’m talking about the Nike HperAdapt 1.0 of course. Have you seen them? Lights on the bottom (we all know my love for things that glow and light) and self-lacing sneakers. What? WHAT?

The promises made almost thirty years ago by Back to the future are finally coming to fruition. Only they look even better than what anyone could’ve imagined. They literally look like Audi’s for your feet!

Unfortunately and it hurts me to even say the next two things, the first, these are £619.95 per pop and the second, they’re sold out!
Proving my point that 80’s kids have a lot of money they want to spend on insanely cool looking things.

I would suggest keeping an eye here and directly on Nike – and also to start saving up now – so as soon as they’re back in stock you can get your hands on a pair.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest it’s very unlikely a lot of people are going to be wearing these, making them even cooler.

Check out the insanity here – Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 Via