Article by Ushan Samson

If like me, you hope that life isn’t all about good looks, then sneakerly speaking (that is a word, look it up) it looks like “ugly” is in!
Don’t believe me?

There’s a whole new movement which all the big brand houses, the likes of Lanvin, Dior, amongst others are picking up, where the focus of design is back on chunky basic looking sneakers.
Here’s a peek


If you haven’t figured it out yet, those are the brand new Balenciaga shoes. Now they’re not ugly per se, but I’m pretty sure you can pick a pair up that looks exactly like that from a charity shop or raid your parents closet, they might have some knocking around.
Further evidence that ‘90’s look is here and here to stay?


Again, in case you haven’t figured it out, those are Gucci’s.
I haven’t even gone into the price of these sneakers because they’re not out yet, and I have a strong feeling the price will be eye watering and I wouldn’t do that to you.
The above are both from Fall/Winter 2017 catalogue. Why that matters? If you want to be fashion forward, I would suggest you start hitting up some vintage shops now and grab a pair.

Or if you already have a pair from the ‘0’s, start rocking it now and if anyone questions your style, call them fashion ignorant, push play on your Sony Walkman and moonwalk outta there.
What do you think? Embrace or disgrace? Give us a shout or even better, take a picture of your fashion forward sneakers and tag us in it!

We’ve selected some premium ” fashionably ugly” but ermm…not actually “ugly” sneakers that are in-stock and currently available below, just click images to shop, Enjoy !

m_medium_high (6)
FENTY Puma By Rihanna Sneaker Boot (Women’s)
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