Article by Ushan Samson

Asics recently released a pair of sneakers that look as rugged as the terrain they’re meant to be used on.

The sneakers are built with off-road running in mind and boast good grip, even in wet conditions, which if you live in the UK is invaluable !

They come with a dope looking lacing system, which includes a dial which can be used to tight the laces one millimetre with each click. There’s some serious that’s gone into these sneakers.

But you know at FlyTuition we also care about the look of what you’re rocking and these Asics in the vibrant orange are going to look dope whether you’re off trail or just in town.

Currently available to buy direct at


The come in at £115, which if you’re into trail runs, is actually pretty affordable.

Give us your thoughts on this or your favourite beaten trail.