Nike held an event in celebration Off the Virgil Abloh Off-White collaboration named “The 10”. To learn more about the entire pack check our previous post by clicking here – “The 10 release information”.

The event displayed all ten silhouettes in the collection and the general aura and aesthetic continued with the stripped, deconstructed and remixed theme. As such, this theme is the heart and soul behind the packs inspiration.

Thanks to the guys at Nike Europe and NikeLab, we were fortunate enough to get a slot to visit and attend the “Remix & reconstruct” workshop…. and it was dope !

The event Started and ended at NikeLab London where all ten models from the collaboration were on display. We made sure to get plenty of shots for y’all to feast your eyes on.

On entering the event we we’re welcomed by the amazing display for the “Revealing” range.

The Jordan 1

Arguably the most popular shoe of the range, the Jordan 1 has been visibly reconstructed while keeping the traditional Chicago Bulls colourway. But the deconstructed elements and signature quotation scripts and origin paragraph on the medial upper stole the show.

The Vapormax

Many were surprised that such a new model was chosen to be deconstructed as the assumption was the collab would only focus on classic models. Nonetheless, the enlarged white swoosh set on an all black Flyknit upper really stands out. The tongue also pops and almost looks like a broken down and stripped air max tongue….an epic blend of new and old.

The Air Presto

Ok, so this ended up being the dark horse. When people heard that the Presto made it into the mix, there wasn’t much excitement. But as images emerged opinions changed and the hype was real. The upper has been completely remixed and almost looks like its inside out. The shoe also features an enlarged black Huarache type strap featuring the phrase “AIR” with Virgil’s trademark quotation marks.

The Air Max 90


what is there to say… a classic and favourite model here in the UK, a translucent blue tinted sole, deconstructed frayed tongue, trademark orange Off-White tab on the outside upper. This Air Max 90 is life and if there was one shoe we wanted when the shoes released globally in November….this was the one. Please raffle gods, pleeeeeease.

The Chuck Taylor

Many forget that Converse is essentially Nike. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the classic Chuck Taylor High make an entry into this collaboration. The “Vulcanized” wording across the lower section on the upper is the stand out feature. Don’t sleep on these, while there aren’t many on foot shots circulating We got a chance to see them on some of the event staff, needles to say, on foot these are a MUST and go with any outfit you can think of.

Next up, a quick-fire look at the remaining five “GHOSTING” range.

The Air Force 1

Thought to be more reserved than the rest, in all actuality they are pretty much a more subtle staple in the collection. The general consensus amongst the guests at the event was that the Air Force 1 is the most reliable pair in the Ghosting range in terms of permanent rotation wear.

The Air Max 97


This is one to watch. It appears the waved texture we’ve come to know and love has been ghosted. This means it’s been stripped back but still ever so present. We agreed that this will probably be the most sought after sneaker in the Ghosting range.

The Zoom Vaporfly

This sneaker is growing in popularity and with the recent Nike release of two special colourways, more and more people are eagerly awaiting this extremely practical sneaker. The collaboration and design further blurs the lines between athletic training shoe, and lifestyle high fashion wear. We think this will be the high fashion underdog come November.

The React Hyperdunk

Now hold up, a fully functional basketball sneaker ? Well….yeah, and we’ll be honest, a black pair of skinny jeans with a white hoodie….all of a sudden, you want them. We wouldn’t blame you for turning your nose up at first glance just off the popularity of the Hyperdunk in comparison to the other models. But the swoosh sitting behind the mesh strap and the high ankle design creates a Jordan type high fashion shoe.

The Blazer


Unfortunately we had to leave for the workshop which was at a secret location in East London before getting images of the Blazer. But as you can see from the official image above the upper is an epic Off-White colour with signature quotes words in a blueprint type format and enlarged black swoosh that even intrudes on the sole. Again, a few members of staff had these on foot, we gotta say that in all honesty these are a real head turner as the orange tab and enlarged swoosh caught many eyes and much attention. An instant classic and maybe our third favourite of the Ghosting range, followed closely by the Zoom Vaporfly and the Air Max 97.

The first five of the Revealing range were available early in EXTREMELY limited quantities via raffle (now ended). The Ghosting pack is yet to be released until the Global launch in November 2017 later this year. At which point All ten sneakers will be available…but as always this will be a limited release likely to be made available via raffle from the Nike SNEAKRS app and select retailers.

What’s your favourite pair, let us know and keep following for more news and reviews.

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