Article by Ushan Samson

If like me you’re trying to remember what exactly happened on Friday and are currently wondering why you have random people sending you messages on Snapchat, welcome to the sober Monday, you ready ?
While you’re currently deciding if you’re going to go out next weekend, Adidas has got your back. They’ve recently released a brand new version of their Adidas München Made in Germany Shoes.
These shoes have a special (DPBR – yeah we’re not sure what that is either) coating which makes them beer and puke proof.

Their dropping to coincide with Okberfest, which if you don’t know what that is…then you really should! In summary, it involves a lot, and I mean a lot, of beer. And what usually happens when you drink a lot of beer.
Adidas will make sure your feet don’t give any technical or forced errors so you can at least walk around confidently, they will also make you look fresh, even if you may not feel too fresh.

Check these bad boys out


While I don’t personally approve of the socks, the sneakers look dope.

But like most things after the weekend, it looks like opportunity to get these for the next night out may have been missed as they’re currently sold out – adidas Munchen Made In Germany

But like most weekends, you can get a similar pair just without the promise of keeping your feet free from accidents – Just hit the pic below

Adidas originals Munchen Shoes - Navy/White/Gum

Let us know what you think of the idea behind these shoes and/or feel free to tell us what you got up to this weekend.

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