Article By Ushan Samson

So we recently wrapped up the answer to McGregor v. Mayweather, and in my opinion the even more important Phelps v. Great white Shark (yes that happened), we now turn our eyes to Adidas v. Nike. Oh yeah, it’s all about fighting talking, gloves off, sneakers on.

In the Red corner, fighting for Nike, is of course Air Jordan 5 Retro. Air Jordan’s have a long unblemished pedigree starting in 1985. Perhaps one of the most iconic sneakers, with its high-top design and striking red colour, they dominate the market of old skool cool.


These ones which we currently have our eyes on are available for £169.95 direct from Nike (Right Here) and if that wasn’t enough, check out the Jordan at Foot Locker range right here !

Whether your thing is watches, caps, consoles or whatever, there’s always one key brand you need to have in your repertoire. If you love sneakers, you need to have at least one pair of Air Jordan’s in the closet or in my opinion, on your feet.

In the Blue corner, we have Adidas with its classic 3 stripes. One of the most instantly recognisable designs, the Adidas Superstar has breathable mesh lining and herringbone pattern rubber outsole.

Much like the Air Jordan’s these are pure classics which you need to own, at least one (or five) pairs. There’s just something about clean white sneakers that are unbeatable in their own way, put the classic 3 stripes and you have a winner.

The best thing with these is, they can be worn with joggers for a relaxed look, black jeans with a simple white Tee for a casual going out (but not out, out look) or even with a suit if you want to show you’re not just, well, a suit.
These can be yours for just £74.95 direct from from adidas right here.

To see the latest retro and modern sneakers from Adidas click Originals range

What do you think? Tell us if you have better examples for these fighting champions or if you’ve seen the Phelps’ race and still can’t believe that happened for real!