Article by Ushan Samson

Imagine delicious looking sneakers you’re walking around in, it’s late evening, the sun is setting and suddenly, yup my sneakers glow in the dark!

Forget light up sneakers, which I personally never can or will, it’s all about glow in the dark soles. There’s two that caught our eye.
The first from the Clyde collection, which already had me won over with their colour palette and design. These are the perfect sneakers that would work in all seasons and would rock any jeans.
But then they said the sole glows in the dark. And they’re only £85. I couldn’t reach fast enough for my wallet and get my hands on these beauties.
I mean check them out and tell me that’s not fly!

Puma x NATUREL Clyde FSHN Glow Mid

Another that has us waiting are BAIT x Adidas EQT collaboration that takes it one level up. These don’t have glow in the dark soles…because the whole sneaker glows!
What? WHAT? I haven’t really come across anything like these before. These are ice cold white sneakers, keeping with the knitted theme with a new lacing system which would make them stand out on their own. But then the whole thing glows and the reason for the laces makes sense because it truly shows off just how innovative these sneakers are.

Nicekicks have heard whispers these will drop on August 26. They’ve got pictures of the sneakers in the light and dark. I can’t wait to get my hands on these.


Bait x Adidas Consortium EQT Support 93/16


I literally can’t hype these two enough and can’t wait to see what comes out next.
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BREAKING NEWS, while this article was bieng finalised adidas announced that the Bait collaboration is releasing on 2nd September 2017.


The cherry on top is this collaboration includes a delicious Bait inspired variation of the Adidas Originals EQT Support 93/17, images below.


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