Article by Ushan Samson

We’re taking a break from the known market movers to check out some brands looking to disrupt the sneakers market.
The power to purchase is truly with the people and people want quality product for a reasonable price. If capitalism has taught us anything, it’s that price is determined by supply, demand and competition.
Here are some of the top contenders looking to change the way you look at sneakers.
Allbirds keeps it as simple as it gets. Only offering wool sneakers. What? That’s right. Sneakers made from luxury Merino wool.


They’re light weight, pretty much like putting on socks, and keep temperature and the odd smells regulated. Also at $95 for a pair they’re reasonable as can be.
No.One is all about cool. A LA brand, it’s even been featured in GQ as the next big thing. They’re not cheap. But when you go through their collection and understand their method of making the shoes is using actual cobblers, it starts to make sense. These are ones to keep an eye out for.

Greats are fully embracing the market disrupter idea. Their shoes look amazing and are as competitively priced as can be. They’ve been picked up by Esquire who are as impressed as we are by the quality, look and price of these cool killers.

If you know of any brands we should be covering or missed then give us a shout.
Don’t just soar, fly.