Article by Ushan Samson: Flytuition Writer/Editor

Man is there anything better than a fresh pair of sneakers. Yes, making money to buy more.

But what about your sneakers making money. Trading stocks, shares and foreign exchange is all about understanding the market.

You listen to news, your gut, social media and what’s on the streets to make your move. Now what if you could do exactly the same but with sneakers.


Say no more fam. StockX have created a stock market for sneakers. This isn’t just reselling. The products are all authenticated by the company and works exactly like a proper stock market.

You place a Bid (buy price) and when it matches someone’s Ask (sell price) for the underlying product, the transaction completes. It ships to StockX to be authenticated and the product is yours.

How genius and simple is that! Oh and did we mention they do the same for watches and bags as well. Check it out and let us know what you think. StockX

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