Asics Gel-Lyte III’s have a really deep and loyal following that’s picking up pace and this sky blue iteration will definitely generate some hype and steal some fans and (or) generate new loyal advocates and admirers of one of the brand’s most popular silhouettes.

This Skyway Blue colourway comprises of a luxurious suede semi-perforated upper, “GEL” cushioning for extra comfort/support and the notorious Asics insignia across the outer and inner mid-sole. If you’re unfamiliar with the GEL-LYTE III it’s main signature Asics feature is it’s split tongue. Although originally designed for running(like most sneakers) it has steadily evolved into a commonly recognized lifestyle shoe.


This highly anticipated Asics GEL-LYTE III doe snot yet have a release date, but as always with clear images surfacing now. it’s likely that we are weeks, if not days away from an official announcement.

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