SneakersNstuff are launching an exclusive collaboration with footwear giant adidas. You may have seen the matrix type data glitch style promos headed by grime stars D Double E and Elf Kid, who also hosted a live release party for the collaboration.


The style and print on the primeknit upper is inspired by data manipulation called “datamoshing” (also known as databending). This is essentially a complex method used for compressing and adapting a layer of a moving image and placing it on top of another creating a lagging glitch effect to the audience. Certainly an appropriately funky design and theme in a generation so dominated by technology and computer generated imagery


Due for release on 12th May 2017 online and at all Sneakersnstuff locations…however it must be noted Sneakersnstuff did complete an online sign up which is now closed.

Stay posted on Sneakersnstuff’s website Β here should pairs become available via general release.

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