Well Well Well… The EQT 93/17 is showing no signs of letting up, slowing down or giving our bank accounts a chance to recoup.


As you can see these images show the now infamous 93/17 large Boost sole and primeknit upper with signature embroided stripes. But this time around, the design is hitting home with the undeniably smooth combination of white and royal blue. And on further review it looks like the royal blue on the upper is actually crafted from suede….aaaaw Yeeeah.


The only thing we know for sure about the release of these gems is that a rumored August/September 2017 release is possible.

Stay posted as news leaks and fingers crossed for a confirmed release date soon. But once we know, so will you.

If however you simply can’t get enough of everything Adidas EQT related, click here for the current range.