The Nike Vapormax is arguably the hottest new silhouette to come from the sportswear giant in recent years.

Today we look at three reasons why Nike’s latest air tech flyknit shoe is a must have for fitness and casual street-wear enthusiasts alike.

  • Aesthetically the best Flyknit model to date

As you can see much of the inspiration for this shoe comes from the popular Flyknit Racer of which has collected much praise in recent years. The way the Flyknit upper meshes and blends really helps to exaggerate the colour schemes in a way that stands out without losing the desired colourway . While we’ve already done a feature and review of the Platinum colourway, we’re also looking at the recently released “Asphalt” (dark grey) and limited NikeLab Oreo (white/black)

  • A breath of fresh air from the usual

A slender design meets a lightweight functionality that you can’t confidently compare with many other shoes on the market without sacrificing looks or appearance. Although this could by avid supporters of Nike’s biggest rival (adidas) and their “primeknit” range. An air unit around the entire sole of the shoe sitting below a complete flyknit upper is a breath of fresh air from an industry booming with single air units inside rubber mid-soles, NMD’s, Air Max 90’s, Air Max 1’s and boost soles. The Vapormax stands out as an amazing alternative.

  • Highly stocked by a number of retailers

With exception of the NikeLab Oreo’s and the previously released triple black iteration, the Vapormax is stocked in good numbers at various retailers making it accessible to a number of people. The most frustrating thing within the sneaker (and retail) industry to hit consumers in recent years is the intentional low supply of goods to create demand. Althouth this is also a standard retail method used to test the market to get consumer reaction to new products. Those successful in attaining items of such limited supply inadvertently inspire and create hype making future releases and restocks exciting….but also painful for anyone hoping to get their hands on certain items in a usual laid back manner (….cough…cough …Yeezy 350’s…Cough Cough). You need not worry with the Vapormax, while you may miss out purchasing online (unless your an early bird), there’s  is a fair chance your local stockist will have some pairs in-store. But it’s always advisable to get in early where you can, waiting too long could lead to an unnecessary L (“L” is a slang for taking a Loss, and in the sneaker world that means missing out on a pair of shoes you wanted to buy due to them selling out).

Needless to say this is a favorite of ours here at Flytuition, what do you think ?

Stay Fly.

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