Air Presto Safari Gold Releases 1st May 2017

The Safari revamp of any Nike shoe is likely to cause a stir, and Nike knows this.

Firstly what is a “safari” pack or what does Nike “Safari” mean in the sneaker world ? To put it simply it’s a design reserved for Nike shoes that incorporate some form of animal print and (or) textures on a shoes upper or mid-sole…although the print has been known to appear on other locations of the shoe.

The whole Safari vibe is intentionally wild (pardon the pun) and in your face, as if the design brief was “statement, statement and statement”. But don’t be scared of this, you need not shy away because some of the most sought after casual and street wear Nike shoes have had the safari treatment and collaborations with the likes of Atmos have seen this go from strength to strength.

The Presto itself is a true cross of comfort and style, bringing its air cushioned sole and golden upper that sits behind the signature safari print cage.

The Air Presto Safari Gold will be available on May 1st 2017 for £110.

Stay Fly.