The Shoe Inspired by the notion of Liquid Foam Molded Around The Foot To Provide Comfort, Durability and Performance

So, the official release date is 20th April 2017 but these Copper beauties released today at Footlocker EU for £170. One of the most popular iterations of the Foamposite One and coming appropriately around the 20 year anniversary of Anfernee Hardaway signature design, the “Air Foam copper” comes with a translucent sole and metallic black upper coating which actually shells the “Foam technology”.

The Foamposite itself is an extraordinarily popular basketball shoe in the United States, however the demand for the shoe in the United Kingdom is considerably lower. But the recent erection of the Olympic Stadium (in Stratford East London) and the demand of die hard niche UK sneaker fans, the shoe is starting to see a steady rise in UK and European popularity and street credibility.

“But why is it called “Foam”-posite, I can’t see Foam in the way I can see air bubbles (“air technology”) on Jordan’s and Air Max Models ?”

So here’s the thing, the Foamposite’s Foam technology was imagined as a liquid type material to wrap and mold around your foot for ultimate comfort. Just think of the feeling of relief and snug retribution you would get from having your foot surrounded and massaged by a cool gel-like memory-foam material after a long day of wearing tight leather church shoes, or stilettos.

Essentially the liquid Foam technology sits in the interior (under outer parts of the shoe). As indicated above, the Foam technology was designed to mold around the foot for durability and maximum comfort…remember, this is a basketball shoe so performance is on the forefront of the design spec.

Now of-course the shoe is popular in the states and “getting there” in the UK. The simplified way to look at this is, basketball (and basketball culture) is more popular in the US in comparison to the UK. But this is slowly changing with more and more of the UK’s street fashion being inspired by US basketball, hip-hop and OG culture spilling into and being embraced by British and European societies.

But it’s all swings and roundabouts (a UK term meaning all things come full circle) as much of the European and UK culture spilling into the US street-wear scene. You’ll notice that skinny jeans, low sneakers and pin-rolled jeans have made a heavy impact in the states in the last six to seven years.

Although the skater culture, sports performance under garments and Japanese street-wear world has to be given it’s due recognition for recent changes in how we all dress. It’s now standard to see ripped skinny jeans, plaid lumberjack shirts and the now famous “long-line” cut of tops, jumpers and jackets now flooding the streets.  These looks go hand-in-hand with basketball shoes, so if you’re familiar with this style or looking to get into it, go here. If your not new to the basketball shoe game and like the mighty Air Force 1 go here.

Stay tuned for more discussions about niche and popular shoes.