Well….What is the NMD ?

The adidas NMD is a modern casual running shoe first released in November 2016. Alongside the Yeezy Boost 350 (the popular adidas collaboration with Kanye West) the NMD and Ultra Boost made the Boost Technology famous and almost a household term of comfort among fans of the brand and sneaker enthusiasts.

The shoe’s original release was the OG Core Black, red, Blue and white model (as shown below with Red and Blue plugs).

What is Boost Technology ?

This is the white (sometimes coloured) sole that appears to be several small cloud-like capsules that make up the cushioning midsole of the shoe. This was developed for extreme comfort and literally goes through a process of blowing up a solid material and reforging of the said capsules to create the iconic and familiar cloudy midsole we’ve come to know and love

So why is the shoe so loved ?

Simply put, there has been no sacrifice in style to achieve the comfort provided. Anyone who has tried on a pair of  Primeknit NMD’s has immediately felt the difference between what they thought was comfort, to what is Boost comfort. It’s the type of shoe you could where all day and all night…if necessary.

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