Named After Spiridon Louis, Winner of the First Olympic Marathon in 1896

It’s not that often you find a shoe under £100 that matches the same premium feel you get when you slip your feet into a premium Nike pinnacle shoe (such as the Air Max 1 or 90 Royal).

A complete revamp and update to the original Nike Spiridon (for those who can recall the 1997 debut) the shoe is noticeably lighter than it’s predecessor, keeping the caged zoom under a fishnet type upper.

The Cherry on top is definitely the head-turning crimson red signature swoosh and black mudguard. Oh, and we can’t forget the mini swoosh sitting just to the outer side of the toe-box.

Nike shoes with “Ultra” in the title are generally updated versions, this involves a number is subtle changes, or a huge overhaul of the whats under the bonnet/hood to make a more relevant and lightweight shoe for maximum performance and durability.

These are a nice update to an already respected design, what do you think ?

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