Flywire Tech At It’s Finest

A returning unisex champion of comfort and performance: Released 7th April 2017

If you’re anything like us, you probably first noticed these on the feet of an athlete, fitness enthusiast or an extremely trendy sports model. However, who would have thought that a bright multi colored knitted sneaker, could withstand the test of high street fashion, turning heads for all the right reasons.

This isn’t the Multi’s 1st time out, in fact the Flyknit Racer Multi has an older brother/sister that released in 2015, otherwise known as Flyknit Racer 1.0. This iteration had a slightly bluer undertone on the upper complimented by hot pink and green. This was then followed up by other revamps, again using similarly themed colours, with the only exception being a more dominant colour on each version.

The shoe itself is deceptively stylish and comfortable. With a design so sleek, it creates the on foot illusion that you’re wearing a size (or half size) down.

Simply put, if not for the hype then simply for the functionality and versatility in the warmer and dryer months, this shoe deserves to be in every-bodies rotation.

With sizes still available and priced at the standard Flyknit £130, you can still grab yourself a pair at OFFSPRING or

Stay Fly

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