Relevant, Practical and HOT !

You don’t need to be a hypebeast, a sneaker plug or a connoisseur of all things shoe related to appreciate the design and aesthetics of Adidas’ beast of a running shoe (more recently a staple part of modern fashion).

Here, we give you three reasons why this stylish performance shoe is a favorite that we struggle not to pick up and wear everyday.

  1. They’re physically accessible to all. Truly a gateway Boost shoe for the more casual consumer or entry level sneakerhead.

    You may struggle to get specific limited edition colours (i.e the Olympic Gold in shot), but ultimately the Ultra Boost is a mostly general release shoe. Additionally, you won’t have to do battle with bots online all the time as local sport retailers and Adidas performance stores will generally have good stock levels for you to pop in, relax, try a pair on and see how you like them. This is way better than bashing in any size you think is available on release day, and praying to the server gods that your paypal checks out quick enough to secure a pair.

  2. They go with almost anything and everything. It’s likely you’ve seen someone dressed casually and sporting a pair of triple white Ultra Boost. Or, seen a businessman/businesswoman wearing a suit with smart shoes in a bag and donning a pair of black and white Ultra Boost

    Extremely easy on the eye and comfort levels over 9000 ! (Dragonball Z Reference), it’s no surprise sneaker fanatics and casual consumers alike are happy to part with £130 with the knowledge that they will wear the hell outta these.

  3. Still has the individuality factor. Let’s be honest, some people will hate a shoe purely because of how many other people they see wear it on a daily or weekly basis (case and point, the Nike Huarache). But should a popular shoe or the owners of that shoes take heat or hate just because they’re first choice for a lot of people ?….hell no.

That being said, the Ultra Boost has managed to become a shoe that is well respected and people who see others wearing their same Ultra Boost tending to give a nod of approval and a little smile that says, “I know this already but…those  shoes look so dope on foot”.

A great shoe to get you into  believing the hype surrounding Adidas’ patented  Boost technology.

Why not head over to Adidas here and have a look for yourself or for more options follow the Offspring link below.

Stay Fly

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