Gold Aglets Are The Cherry On Top

First off, you know a Nike is on a different level or of a different breed when you hold the shoe and immediately feel the difference in quality to other mass produced models. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the leather and suede layerd design, finished off with a subtle yet commanding gold swoosh.

Impressive adaptation to the original AM 97 design and red carpet worthy Β gold & leather accent, it’s easy to see why these flew off the shelves on their release.

In terms of comfort, they’re every bit as snug as you’d come to expect from an Air Max 97. But remember, leather uppers mean less initial give so if you we’re hoping to go a half size down for smaller aesthetic look….think again.

All humour to one side the gold aglets (the hard plastic or metal at the end of shoelaces) adds a touch of regal class, and that added weight just adds that extra overall premium look and feel.

The white iced sole and clear signature Β AM 97 air bubble also add a less intimidating yet more visible dimension of high fashion that triple black can sometimes take away unless patent or a vocal point of an outfit However this is debatable and depends what the sneakers are worn with.

Definitely one to keep, you may regret selling.

A hit and instant classic.

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