Is the “King Push” EQT Support Royal or Common ?

We get a hands on look and real feel of Pusha T’s first Adidas collaboration of 2017 thanks to Kaff_official_insta

First things first….they’re beautiful, a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. The greyscale upper mixed with Adidas’ signature primeknit gives a truely premium feel and surprisingly weighty for a boost shoe, although some would argue its nice to feel a little weight for the money (its never nice to part ways with £150 for a product thats lighter than a snapped pencil). However they still feels like you’re walking on clouds.

Now the heel is deceptively sturdy, but not uncomfortable or prone to attacking your heel during the course of a long day.

They fit slightly larger than true to size (“TTS”) but thats on a narrow foot.

Still available in at some stores like Adidas and END. but in very limited size but for a shoe that is likely to be in most peoples top 10 for the year so far, they’re worth a search.

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